About Us

who we are

Baobab for Healthy Nutrition is a privately held company that was born out of our passion and desire to promote healthier lifestyles and choices. We import a range of healthy products – from organic coconut water and children’s snacks to superfoods and detox teas – sourcing only the highest-quality products from around the world. While our products are currently only available in Jordan, our reach is expanding and we hope to supply the remainder of the MENA region in the near future.

We are individuals with a vested interest in helping our clients become the healthiest version of themselves. Our services and products do not discriminate; whether your healthy journey begins today or you’re a veteran of this path, Baobab will be the ultimate guide for both.

what we do

Our motto is “Live Baobab”. We want to facilitate the process of incorporating healthy food and living into your daily routine. We are looking to assist you in making informed decisions on using food as medicine and a healer for your mind, body, and soul. We want to provide you with a seamless experience that will keep you engaged, happy, and motivated.

In addition to supplying the customer with carefully curated products chosen with the end user’s wellbeing in mind, we have developed an online platform to make accessing our products easy. Whether you are a curious individual looking to purchase a few items for your pantry, or a restaurateur, gym, or grocery store owner wanting to stock our products; you can peruse, purchase, and own our products after a few steps on our website.

Our online platform also serves as an educational tool for those seeking to incorporate healthy living into their lifestyles, wherever they are in the world. Terms such as “gluten free”, “superfoods”, and “organic” tend to be tossed around quite frequently, but what do they really mean? Look no further than Baobab for Healthy Nutrition fun facts! Our virtual space will help you gain a better understanding of these terms, and what nutritional elements you should add (or eliminate!) for a healthier lifestyle.

As foodies ourselves, we at Baobab fully appreciate the importance of maintaining healthy food choices without compromising flavor or culinary experiences. Therefore, our online platform will also provide you with taste bud-tingling recipes pertaining to our products that will nourish both your appetite and soul. 

The baobab’s physical attributes allow it to provide shelter, food, and water for both humans and animals. Its bark can be turned into rope and clothing; its seeds can be used to make cosmetic oils.

The fruit it produces is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world. All of the baobab’s characteristics have earned it the epithet of “Tree of Life”.   

Baobab; (ba ·wo ·bab) (noun): a tree native to the African continent that lies at the heart of many traditional African remedies. It grows in climates that are extremely dry and arid, where nothing else can survive. The baobab is a succulent that absorbs and stores water in its vast trunk (which can reach 50 meters in circumference) during rainy seasons. The baobab tree can reach heights of 30 meters, with their branches spreading 11 meters across.

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